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Empowering a positive, persistent you!

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Empowering a positive, persistent you!

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Products made to empower a passionate, positive, persistent you!

What started as a quest to engage and empower women in my small circle of influence has turned into a labor of love and an official product line! Scents of Empowerment is an online boutique marketplace located in Stratford, Connecticut. My products are meant to invigorate the powerful sense of smell to inspire, engage and EMPOWER women. I have curated a line of products especially for the “passionate, positive, and persistent you!” As the founder and long-time successful business executive, I understand the everyday life challenges of trying to balance work and play and taking extraordinarily little “me’ time. The importance of empowering women in and out of the workplace has long been a passion for me, that, and the joy of retail therapy, especially when shared with friends!  

Recognizing women as significant contributors in the workplace, in the community and at home is just the beginning. Encouraging one another through thoughtful words, shared wisdom, and unconditional acceptance of one another is my ultimate goal in developing this company. 

My vision to become an innovative player in the candle world grew into a goal of paving the way for a line of image positive goods that will become globally available to all woman in a boutique-style online store. I developed Scents of Empowerment with a variety of products available to help inspire a calm, rejuvenating and invigorating environment for women everywhere

All my best!


Join us on this journey!

Join us on this journey as we grow our online business and expand into local boutique shops. Most importantly, take time for yourself and remember when you are shopping for top-quality gifts made in the USA and from a local company in Stratford, CT.