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Giving Back July: Candle of the Month

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Giving Back July: Candle of the Month

Healing Soy Candle 20oz
July Candle of the Month: Healing-A Purple Passion

July Candle of the Month: Healing

Purple Passion for Purple Pantry Boxes

We are excited to announce our July collaboration with the Purple Pantry Boxes. Proceeds will support filling the 14 food pantry boxes throughout Milford, Bridgeport & West Haven, CT.

Why the Purple Pantry Boxes?

Food insecurity is a major issue in America, with the greatest impact on women with children and senior citizens. The Purple Pantry Boxes in Milford provides easy access to staple food items for anyone in need while also engaging members of the community to donate, their motto: Take what you need and donate if you can. 

Follow the links below to purchase our featured charity eligible products:

Order your Healing-purple-passion-lavender-wood-canoe-with-purple-glass-accents-20-22ozHealing 8oz Glass Candle or Healing 4oz Candle Tin today and join us in making a difference! 

Healing Candles come in 3 sizes, 40z candle tins, 8oz glass jars, and 20oz canoes.

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